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DIY Faux Coral Candlestick Holders

DIY Faux Coral

Coral can be pricey, but here is a great alternative that looks and feels exactly the same! And did I mention- super easy? Continue reading


DIY Pillow Box Party Favors

DIY Party Favors

Every party needs party favors. Anytime we have a party or a get-together, I like to make sure each of our guests gets to take a little something home with them. And your friends like it, too.

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DIY Camp

DIY Camp

Do you guys follow the Instagram and blogger heavyweights Honestly WTF? or Geronimo Balloons? Me too. So, when I saw their posts about hosting a DIY Camp, I got way too excited and signed up immediately.

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Hello world!

Hello World!
Well, here I am. I’ve admired slash lusted over so many blogs for years, and now the time has come for me to start my own. Why now? Why not now, right? Plus, my mom and my husband both insisted I start a blog. So, here I am.
I really enjoy the space a blog creates for an individual, a creative outlet, a place to share things you love, things that inspire you, a place to share your adventures and just a place to be yourself.
I am looking forward to sharing our travel adventures, life + style, and some creative projects!
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