hi, i’m becky.
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A little about me. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After high school I moved to Portland, Oregon, then on to San Francisco, and now living in Los Angeles, California with my amazing guitar playing husband Owen and our dog Lady. I love love California; not only the weather, the beaches, the diversity, but the ease to jump in the car and be in a seemingly different world in just an hour or two drive- in any direction.

I love fashion (or more like style)  + food (trying new food, cooking, nutrition, the occasional vegan meal) + creating (crafting, DIY, makeovers) + adventures (road-trips, far away places, day trips) + anything festive (parties, holidays, birthdays, you name it) + all things Texas (think Friday Night Lights)

I named this site after a song from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, a personal favorite. ‘Love is Strange’ by Mickey + Silvia. All it takes is for me to hear one second of that song, and its in my head for days. So, naturally…

Visit my shop! I started ShopLoverboy as kind of like a little cultural marketplace with local artisan goods from our travels here-and-there. My shop also has goods handmade by me that have been inspired by foreign countries and DIY projects. Link on homepage. Stay tuned!

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