Current Faves

I wanted to start a new weekly segment on new things I’ve tried and loved. I always enjoy reading other blogs when they post a “5 Things Friday” or “Ten Things”, and I thought I’d share my current favorite things. I’ll have a diverse group- foods, places, things, products, people, or just new to me stuff.  I’ve decided to call it “Current Faves” because when I like something, I fall head first and go all out. So, naturally, I become obsessed.

In a good way 🙂

This week: Yoga Camp, Conscious Kombucha, Sun Potion, and Ojai, California

After making my list of new-to-me things I came across this week, I noticed it looks a little on the nouveau-hippie side. I guess that’s just were my head was this week.

Yoga Camp, Yoga with Adriene

Many moons ago I took a yoga class for college credit, but since then nothing. Recently, I wanted to get back into it. I wanted something to build strength, drop some L.B.s, and something for the mind. I found a YouTube home practice series- 30 Days of Yoga Camp- that was perfect way to get back into things and free (yay!). I signed up and practiced along to videos each day. When you sign up you get daily emails with mantras and motivation, and you also get a calendar to mark days off as you go. I recently completed the 30 days, and I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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Conscious Kombucha

Have you tried kombucha? One could say this beverage is an acquired taste, but I loved it immediately after trying it. Kombucha isn’t new to me but the delivery of this one is. It’s cold and fizzy, a little vingar-y, fermented, fruity-tea, and calming (thanks to a teeny tiny bit of alcohol content). It also claims to have health benefits and probiotic properties. Most health focused stores have a slew of brands. Conscious Kombucha is different because it’s on tap! At my Whole Foods, there is a new set-up that looks like a bar with a variety of beer taps, but instead of beer its kombucha! They have a tap for pineapple, passion fruit, orange, strawberry, and my fave- blueberry. If you’re feeling crazy you could mix flavors or multiple flavors and make your own- like a Kombucha Suicide.  (Remember doing that as a kid with the fountain drinks? ha!). Whole Foods also offered reusable glass growlers available for purchase. I got the 32 ounce reusable glass growler and pulled the tap on blueberry- and it’s hands down the best tasting kombucha. Much easier to drink than most brands.

FullSizeRender (2)

Sun Potion, Prash Tonic

OK, Sun Potion pulled me in with the packaging. I’ll easily admit I’m a sucker for packaging. Put a shiny label or metallic font on something, and you’ve caught my eye. Sun Potion’s blue container and gold label quickly caught my eye. But what’s inside made me a believer. Prash is a honey and ghee superfood. It’s delicious and packed with nutrients and herbs.  Reishi mushroom, ashwaganda, and eucommia to name a few. Weird sounding, but good tasting. Tastes like honey. Spread it on toast, drop a spoonful in tea, or eat a spoonful.

PRASH_2048x2048 (4)

Ojai, California

Last week my husband and I took a few days off and headed to Ojai. We had been here once before, but only for one night and we didn’t get to see or do much. This time, however, I feel like we got to see and experience so much of Ojai. Talk about hippie town! We stayed at the Ojai Rancho Inn, had drinks at Chief’s Peak, lunch at the ever-popular Vegan Hippie, strolled Ojai Avenue, wandered around an Orange Grove, did an olive oil tasting, and spent some time in the sun. Ojai is a quick hour and twenty minutes from LA, but it feels world’s away. There are plenty of close-by hiking trails and rumors of an elusive natural hot springs that we were unable to find. Apparently, locals only. There is no shortage of little shops selling indigo dyed napkins or handcrafted ceramics. Normally, when we have some downtime we head to Palm Springs, but I think now we will head to Ojai. There is still so much more I want to see and do. And I’ve got to find that hot springs!

I plan on posting an entire post dedicated to Ojai and the Ojai Rancho Inn, but I couldn’t leave Ojai out of this weeks Current Faves list. Stay tuned!



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