El Cosmico, Marfa Texas


“Follow Me to El Cosmico”

…A bumper sticker and phrase well known to veteran fans of this magical place.

El Cosmico in West Texas, Marfa to be exact, is an aesthetically appealing hotel-like place for hipsters, artists, travelers, and nomads to stay and tune-out, but still stay close to the land. And it is so unlike any other place. We are talking Tee Pees, Mongolian Yurts, a slew of Caravans, Safari Tents, and even camp grounds on 18 acres of West Texas land.

El Cosmico is one cool place to stay. My husband and I have stayed here two times now, once in a yurt and once in a trailer, and we have every intention of going back every year as long as we can. The high desert town of Marfa  is very off the beaten path, about a six hours drive from Austin, Tx, and about as far west in Texas as you can go. Marfa isnt exactly a big city. It only has one major intersection and a few streets of downtown area, but plenty of culture, and no shortage of food trucks and art galleries.


On our stay this time around we stayed in the Little Pinky trailer. Last year we stayed in a yurt, which was really awesome, but chose the trailer this time around because we wanted a kitchen and a bathroom. There are pros and cons to staying in each of the unique accommodations  El Cosmico offers. Weather you require a/c, heating, private bathroom, or a kitchen; each, all, or none of the options are available depending on how camp-y you want to feel. Our little trailer was just right. Not too big, not too small, warm, and almost too cozy. It was so hard to leave!  The night we stayed, the hotel was showing a viewing of Harry Potter in the lounge area, complete with complimentary popcorn and mulled wine. We opted for the pick six pack of assorted local beers the hotel offers. The next morning, we savored every minute of time we had left, wandered every inch of the grounds, contemplated buying everything in the store, enjoyed their complimentary Jo’s coffee, and Shazamed every song played in the lounge area. We left El Cosmico with two t-shirts, a bandanna, a scorpion preserved in a resin dome, and a new found growing love for West Texas.


Things To Know:

  • Book ahead of time if you plan on staying in a Yurt, Trailer, Tee Pee or Safari Tent; aka Glamping.
  • Camping on the grounds is allowed. BYOT: Bring your own tent.
  • If you don’t have a tent or supplies, you can find everything you need in the gift shop: a tent, sleeping bag, blankets, cook wear, flashlights, etc. Great stuff, but it ain’t cheap. Or try your luck at the Dollar General in town.
  • El Cosmico Provision Co: the shop is awesome- lots of locally made products, vintage blankets, and all around cool stuff. They also offer snacks and munchies and beer and wine. Try the Mix Pack 6; mix and match from a variety of local brews, ciders and small batch brews. P.S. only $15.
  • Camping, yurts, or safari tent stays are not for the modest. Toilets, bathtubs and showers are outside, private, but in communal spaces.
  • Most trailers have a shower and toilet set-up inside (and a/c), but some have them outside next to the trailer. Private, but a few steps from the front door of the trailer. A photo of our ‘outhouse’ below. Space heater included!
  • Rent a hot tub! A personal tub for two complete with wood burning water heater can be rented and set up in front of your accommodations for about $90. Photo of the tub below.
  • Cook outside! The kitchen is also communal, and can be a lot of fun. Trailers have full kitchens inside the trailers.
  • When to go? Summer is the most popular because of the Trans Pecos Music Festival (info here), but Winter is great too- nice and cozy.
  • What days of the week to go? I’d say skip staying on a Monday or Tuesday because most shops and restaurants are closed.
  • Listen to Marfa Public Radio 93.5 (here). One of the best stations ever. I listen to it from here in Los Angeles all the time.
  • UN-PLUG. There are no TVs, and there is no WIFI. Only in the lobby area.
  • Things to see in the area:
    • Marfa “Mystery Lights” . About a 10 minute drive from midtown. Plan on watching and waiting for a while. (more here)
    • Prada Marfa is a MUST. Not a Prada retail store, but an art Installation. About a 20 minute drive from midtown. (more here)
    • Camera Obscura Installation: more here
    • Movie Night at El Cosmico. Check the viewing calendar in the common area.
    • Big Bend State Park, here.

Photo Gallery

Check- In | Gift Shop | Lounge 


Little Pinky Caravan #23







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