Texas Road Trip, Part 1

Texas Road Trip, Part 1

Texas is full of hidden gems; you just have to know where to look. The best gem of them all ( in my opinion ) is the loop around the Texas Hill Country- central Texas, small towns, big cities, historical sites, and good old Texas nostalgia.

My Mom and I decided to take a three day Texas Road Trip together and visit some of the spots along the way- Round Top, Austin, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, and Gruene.

Part 1: Round Top & Austin

Round Top

A short drive from Houston, halfway to Austin, and first up on our trip was Round Top, Texas. Round Top is preeeeetty small, and is home to the largest Antique Market in Texas. Unfortunately, the market is only twice a year and wasn’t anywhere near happening during the time when we visited. We got to Round Top around noon with a few hours to spare and stopped for lunch at THE restaurant in this small town- Royers Roundtop Cafe. This place is full of quirky character, every inch of ceiling and wall space is decorated to the max, and it is known for its fried chicken and homemade pies. Other than this cafe, the rest of the town is  just a few  little shops, some vintage- and some local artisan shops, a tiny church and some beautiful scenery. By the way, the little church is the cutest little thing. It has outdoor speakers continuously playing classic country music- just in case you forget where you are 🙂







Next stop on our trip was Austin, Texas. There is so much to do and see in Austin, but with only one night’s stay all we really wanted to do was hang out at our hotel and cruise South Congress- and so we did. With the self proclaimed motto “Keep Austin Weird”, Austin is now a fast growing metropolis for hipsters and music aficionados. Austin is super cool. I love the vibe there. It’s very Texas-y feeling with it’s BBQ and Western wear shops, but it still has all the modern establishments like hip coffee shops and indie music venues. Ha!

We stayed the night at Hotel San Jose– one of my favorites. The grounds are gorgeous. Very stylish with minimalist, modern, rustic charm, and it is such a nice place to spend the evening by the pool sipping a nice cocktail and sharing a cheese plate.

Places to see on South Congress:


















denim jumpsuit // hat (similar) // sleeveless top // sunnies // bolo necklace (similar) //shorts // bag 

xx BB

4 responses to “Texas Road Trip, Part 1

  1. That is so cute and so well written! So proud of you. !😍

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  2. Truly lovely; it felt as though we’re right there with you… And I NEED to go to that cowboy boot store… un-bel-ievable. xxx


  3. great article!


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