Malibu Wine Safari

Malibu Wine Safari

As a second birthday celebration my husband took me on a Malibu Wine Safari. Animals- check, open top safari van rides- check, wine tasting- check, lunch and views- check check.

The day after my birthday we headed out- not quite sure what to expect, what animals we would see, and how the wine tasting would be, but we were so pleasantly surprised. Just about an hour outside of Los Angeles, hidden in the hills is Malibu Wine Safari Ranch.

The tour we picked was called “Giraffe Lunch Safari’. We picked this tour because this is the only tour offered were you can feed and interact with Stanley the giraffe. You may have seen him in the Hangover 3.

First, we met our guide (a french-man who informed us of facts about the ranch along the way), and then we jumped in the van armed with baskets of bananas and carrots for the animals. Stanley the giraffe was the first animal we encountered, and he was amazing. He was so friendly, gentle, and so curious. We pet him, fed him bananas, and took so many pictures with him. So many, but I wish I had taken more! Next, we drove around the property visiting all the other animals, feeding the more tame animals like the zebras and llamas, then took a drive through the vineyard and up to The Chateau. The Chateaus is an entertainment venue at the highest point of the ranch, and it is gorgeous. The views alone are worth the tour. The grounds surrounding the Chateau are finely manicured, and this is where our catered lunch was set up. On a ledge overlooking the entire ranch, was a table for two, our lunch of sandwiches and salads, and six bottles of wine for tasting (or wine by the glass). We sat and enjoyed our lunch with wine and reminisced on what all we had done on our tour- the animal encounters, the views, the wine- it was such a great time.

Our tour included:

  • Guided tour around a portion of the 1000 acre ranch on a custom made open-top stadium seated safari van
  • Interacting and/or feeding so many animals like zebras, camels, bison, water buffalo, bison, Shetland ponies, llamas, alpacas, donkeys
  • Feeding Stanley the Giraffe (you get to feed him bananas!)
  • Catered lunch with a view from the top at The Chateau
  • Six different wine tastings


  • Book your tour in advance for any tour. (The Kardashians visited the day before we did, and i’d assume more will follow from seeing their tweets and Instagram pics)
  • Bring your appetite! Lots of food, and lots of wine.
  • Wear cool and comfortable clothing if you plan to visit in the summer.
  • Any shoes will work. Yes, even heels.
  • You’re in direct sun for the majority of the tour so make sure to wear sunscreen or a hat.

Side note: Stanley was wearing a fly mask on our visit. Apparently, it was peak ‘Fly Season’ and the flies were too much of a nuisance to the animals on their eye lids, so the mask is worn to protect them. In person, the mask was sheer, but in pictures, it looked more like a blindfold.

Happy Safari-ing!




















xx BB

3 responses to “Malibu Wine Safari

  1. The zebra shot is incredible. Nice differnt post…


  2. Loved your post. Cannot wait to go when I visit next.

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  3. Che bello!…and amazing photos!…


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