Tulum, Part 2

Tulum Part 2

Tulum, Part 2

After a few days of lounging around and getting well acquainted with our surroundings, the second part of our trip was a little more action packed. Since I’m a research freak we a had to-do list with several restaurants and shops we wanted to hit up, and a few activities that were a must on our list.

Day 4

Today we had a pretty full schedule of checking out the Tulum Ruins and then on to cave snorkeling at the Gran Cenote. And what a day is was. Trip Tip: I highly suggest making a day trip and visiting both back-to-back followed by a nice dinner.

After a slow start of breakfast at our resort- again enjoying the beach view while we sipped our coffee,  we made it to the ruins. Once we got there we kind-of buzzed through the grounds. There aren’t many signs or plaques explaining what your looking at, and the only option to  gain any knowledge of the ruins is to get  guided tour. We skipped this. We snapped some photos, pointed at some strange looking animals, enjoyed the views, and hit the road. An hour of cruising around was ample time to do what we wanted to do. And a side note, it was really hot and there was NO shade, anywhere.  The views were great though.

Tulum Ruins 1

Tulum Ruins 2

Tulum Ruins 3

Tulum Ruins 4

From the ruins, we grabbed a cab and headed to the cenote for some snorkeling. By the way, a cenote is an underground sinkhole that was formed by the collapsing of bedrock that has exposed the ground water underneath. (End note) There are a few cenotes to choose from in Tulum, but we chose Gran Cenote because of its close location relative to the ruins. $10 gets you your admission fee and a for few more dollars (or pesos) you can rent a mask and a snorkel. It was my first time to snorkel, but I fell in love with it- and fast.  The water was a little cold at first, but it was a welcome relief from the morning sun at the ruins. The views underwater are so memorable; fish swimming all around, mossy covered rocks, lazy turtles. Owen is an old pro at snorkeling so he was much more adventurous in exploring the small spaces and deeper areas. Me on the other hand, I stayed in the shallower areas and in the Turtle zone. Ha!

Gran Cenote

Snorkeling 3

Snorkeling 2

Owen Snorkeling


From the cenote, we headed back to the main drag to get in line for a dinner reservation at the infamous Hartwood. Some background about Hartood. It is talked about as the best restaurant in Tulum, all of the food is cooked over open flame, the menu offering is fresh caught and local produce that changes daily, pretty difficult to get a table,  they do not take reservations in advance, I suggest to queue up at 2p and put your names on the list with the hostess at 3p- which we did. Luckily. We were 11th in line and there were only a few tables still available, so we made a reservation for 5:30p. A bit early for us for dinner, but we went with it! Cut to dinner time. Our meal was phenomenal. We each had two cocktails, each had an appetizer, and each had an entree and our bill was about $150. We could have easily split an entree, they were HUGE. An absolute must try- the ceviche. The best, ever.


Hartwood 5

Hartwood 4

Hartwood 3

Hartwood 2


// After dinner drinks and lounging at Gitano. Disco ball not pictured. //

One our last full day In Tulum we decided to take a tour of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. And boy are we glad we did. It was the highlight of our trip. Pictures do not do it justice. Sian Ka’an is a protected nature reserve, second in size to the Great Barrier Reef, and it is miles of lagoons and mangroves, full of wildlife, and crystal clear waters. It was such a magical day. We got on our boat not sure of what to expect, and before we knew it- we were amazed. Speeding though narrow lagoon trails, skidding around sharp turns, snorkeling, floating a natural lazy river, lunch in the  middle of the lake, and spying on manatees was only scratching the surface of our all day tour.

Sian Kaan




// Floating over a cenote //


// Lazy river floating //


// Snorkeling . Look at that water! //


// Our awesome guide ALDO slicing up some fresh mango for a midday snack //


// Feeding the fish passion fruit seeds //


On to some miscellaneous photos from the trip- exploring the city, and of course, shopping.


// Contemplating how I can squeeze all of these into my suitcase //


// Caravan- such a cool store. A must see. //



//Coqui Coqui and its Perfumery //


// A view from our resort //


// Ice cream pit stop in downtown //


// A rare photo of both of us not taken selfie style //


// One of many hermit crabs crawling around the resort grounds //


// Batey- sugar cane juiced on this car! //


// A daily ceremonial cleansing of the resort //


// Happy Hour at Ahua Tulum with  Victoria beers //


// A daily coconut water //


//  A mural of sea-life in the middle of the main drag //



// Another fabulous dinner at Posada Margherita //


// Fruit Stand //


//Gorgeous day //

Trip Recap

Eat & Drink

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //


1 // 2 // 3 //


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //


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